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Augmented Reality visit

And what if Mary of Hungary herself were to explain to you the origin of her coat of arms or the construction of her palace? Or you were to help a gallant knight in freeing the Town from 3 wicked robbers?

The app unveils the Town’s history, thanks to an Augmented Reality tour.

Divided into 2 parts:

 • Mary of Hungary accompanies you on a tour of the Town and tells you about its noteworthy buildings.

 • As a family, you do a treasure hunt across the Town, during which you discover its main monuments, while helping a gallant knight in his quest. The star attraction is the reconstitution of the palace’s ruins in Augmented Reality.

Bring your tablet to the park and watch the palace reappear, as in times gone by.

Practical matters:

 - Download to Android or IOS (iPhone).

 - ARCore installation is required for your tablets or Smartphones

 - 4G or internet connection is not required, but geo-location is

 - Updating of Google Maps is heartily recommended

 - Downloading and launching is recommended before arriving


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