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A heritage site since 1978, with its station dating from 1857. It bears remarkable testimony to the fashion at the beginning of the century, which tended to imitate Gothic architecture, while imbuing it with a Romantic character. The main body is the building’s core element, which encapsulates the station’s entire character. The arrival of the railroad in Binche changed to a large extent the layout of that part of the town, which would profit for a long time thereafter from the arrival of coal and the development of the textile industry.


The square is half-encircled by a balustrade, sculpted in the Neo-classical style in blue stone, upon which are statues, commemorating illustrious figures from Binche’s past. Amidst personalities, such as Charles V, Margaret of York or indeed Mary of Hungary, can be found a monument dedicated to independence, which was added in 1931.



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