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The Main Square

The favored site to meet and hold the town’s important events. Music festivals, heritage days, starting-point for bicycle races, etc., this iconic space in the town reached its zenith with the advent of the “gilles” of Binche, with their clogs resounding on the cobblestones and during the emergence of the “rondeau” that the whole wide world expects to hear for the first time during “Mardi Gras”.

There we may gaze upon the Town Hall, as well as its magnificent belfry. We cannot be certain as to the date when the Town Hall was built. The building previously served as covered market, communal butcher’s shop and magistrate’s court. The upper part of the bell tower and belfry is in the Renaissance style, while the lower part, as well as the arcades, is in the Gothic style. As for the belfry adjoining the building, symbolic of those freedoms that the town enjoyed, dating from the 14th century, it has appeared on the prestigious UNESCO Heritage List since 1999, like so many other belfries in Wallonia.


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