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The free app “Runnin’City” allows a combination of runs and tourist trails in more than 165 towns across the world, among which is Binche.

Its use is very simple: download the app to your Smartphone (available on Android or iOS), indicate the desired location and choose a route. A voice will guide you to the point nearest your location. Once arrived at this point, your walk may start.

Every time that come across something of note, the app will tell you.

Give it a whirl! An original way to tour Binche.

Two stretches of 5 and 11 kms are on offer to you and may be started from the Main Square.

This service is the ideal way to discover Binche and learn more about its history. The app can also be converted to walking mode, so you do not need to run to benefit from this innovation!

Mixing sport and culture….a unique experience!!



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